Money Talks Again

I don't know if it is because of the headline of the latest post, or if it is the lack of policing (my bad), but comment spam relating to money-making has apparently flourished here. Furthermore, a commercial enterprise in the finance-sector has asked to place a banner on this blog, paid for on a monthly basis. I'm most fluttered. Still it's not yet clear to me about what to post on a blog, and when to write it. Ideally, as I see it, inspiration and ideas gained from blogging should be a valuable input to your daytime job. Risks are of course that time gets wasted on interesting and exciting thoughts that eventually turn out to be unfruitful from a commercial perspective. My daytime tasks right now relates to the implimentation of the EU occupational pensions dircective (IORP) into Swedish law and pension managers' long term investment plans. Who on earth wants to read, where on blogosphere could I get some input? Anyway, I'll surf around and see what I can find, when I get some spare time.

(I swear this is wholly unintentional on my part, but the blogger spell check just suggested me to change the occurence above of "blog" to "bloc", and "blogging" to "flogging"!!?)

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