Money Talks

This blogger evidently took a long and unannounced vacation. It was not really vacation from writing; it was more the case that the texts I write for a living - about news with an impact on the Swedish bondmarket - got increasingly demanded and spare time hence increasingly scarce. Because of almost everyday practice from blogging in English? Maybe - anyway here is a text in Swedish by Liza Marklund, a successful writer of detective stories. It is about labor taxes, gender and everyday economics, all of which are favorite issues of mine (published as a column in the leading Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet; Social Democratic). With impressing clarity of thought she efficiently reveals how an important, but underestimated, sector of the economy and its taxation is built on old-fashioned and obsolete attitudes towards gender. I would have loved to summarize it for you together with a short background. Some other time maybe.

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