Winner: the Saddam-Did-It-Crowd!

Looking at the exit polls, its clear that voters beliefs' about the so called War on Terror are neatly aligned with the way they voted. Bush voters apparently thinks that the occupation of Iraq is a part of the fight against international terrorism. This pretty much confirms the poll results newsweek got in the beginning of September: about half of those asked thought that Saddam was "directly" involved in planning the terrorist attack on September 11. Presumably the same half that told CNN that they saw Iraq war as a part of war on terrorism, of which over 80% voted for Bush. It really seems like the Saddam-Did-It crowd got their way. More correctly perhaps, those who manipulated voters into believing that Saddam did it got their way. Election 2004: "IS IRAQ WAR PART OF WAR ON TERRORISM?
........ BUSH ... KERRY ... NADER

Yes (55%) ... 81% ... 18% ... 0%

No (42%) ... 11% ... 88% ... 1%"

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