Blogs - Too Efficient for Media in Sweden?

Two Swedish bloggers have recently been told to stop by their day-time job bosses. Today, DN reports that the head of the "Confederation of Swedish Enterprise", formerly the Swedish employer's organisation has told one of their economists to stop blogging. But he won't, according to his own short comment in DN. Earlier, a journalist at the state-run Swedish television network, SVT, was asked to stop his blog. He obeyed, with reference to the dominant position his employer has on the labor-market (an obvious effect of the commmercial channels to my knowledge not produce much own content as Swedish is a very small language).

Are Swedish blogs threatening established media more than blogs do in countries where less exotic languages are spoken? I would tend to think so as the scale benefits of old media are relatively small in Sweden. They just cannot compete with blogs when it comes to *diversified*, and most certainly politically diversified, commentary in Swedish on Swedish affairs. It is notable in this context that the blog stopped by SVT stood far to the right of the left-biased SVT (which however don't stand left in any significant respect to our commercial networks). Other comments on these developments here. BTW, the opinons on this website are solely my own.

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