Another Benefit from Capitalism

I've gotten a report from over there that their pharmacies actually offer penicillin in several different flavors. Well, we do have at least some of these flavors here in the Welfare-state too - but here they all taste just too awful much of penicillin. Our state-run monopoly has, to my knowledge, no good excuse to offer. Perhaps they're just lazy. Those of you who have tried to give the stuff to a small child knows just how much pain the monopoly inflicts upon us welfare-state citizens. And I wasn't even told until yesterday that this problem is perfectly solved in the states!

May I suggest it is time for some more liberalization?

Update: I've been made aware of that this post might need some clarification. It is of course a very good thing that efficient medicine for many diseases are available to most people in the industrialized world. That said, I still consider it a significant achivement that pharmacies in the U.S. are able to deliver penicillin that is easy to give to children. The failure of the Swedish state run monopolistic pharmacy to do so is, I think correspondingly severe.

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