Broken Canon Cameras

Six years ago or so, I bought a small, inexpensive - or at least affordable - camera: one for ordinary 35mm film with a zoom lens covering focal widths between like 35-105mm. Very useful - so useful that I actually wore it out in a couple of years. The electrically powered lens, or rather the switch controlling in, broke down. Later on, I bought a similar camera, only that it had a 3 Mpixel digital sensor where earlier models would have had the film. Useful indeed, and I wore that one down too. More precisely, the zoom lens broke, and that in less than a year. Both these cameras were from Canon. Annoyingly, the digital one (a Canon PowerShot A70, similar to Canon PowerShot A75 and also to Canon PowerShot A60 and Canon PowerShot A80) was bought in USA, and Canon's guarantee thus (for some reason that just might be connected to Canon's knowledge of their products quality) covered its use only in the Americas. Since I'm a European, I then had to buy another camera, and this time I did so from another manufacturer. Same performance, higher price, and hopefully better durability. Otherwise I might have to come back to that one in a later post.

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