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In spite of the strong influence from the English language that doomsayers think will soon make an end to the Swedish language, that of the Honour and the Heroes, it is still going strong. Our language was flexible enough to transform and survive under the heavy German influences during Hanseatic times. We really shouldn't need to worry about it as it nowadays finds use in more areas than before, even for writing blogs. So when Lennart Frantzell is kind enough to link to me with the fluttering words in which he tells that this blog is an : "exempel paa de mer initierade bloggar som nu boerjar synas paa webben", it is tempting to respond to his recommendation that I should start write it in Swedish instead. I really do think that he has a good point in, as he does, writing a blog about USA from USA in Swedish. After all, my blog mirrors his by being at least partly about Sweden from Sweden in English (did you know that gasoline in Sweden costs well over $5 a gallon?). And as long as I want to keep the possibility open for other than the people who already knows about Swedish life to read about it, I have to use my English.

(And if you don't like that, you would really hate my French.)

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