War Really Sucks

We've seen ugly pictures of the victims of aerial bombing in the Swedish press, even in the G. W. Bush-friendly leading Swedish conservative daily, Svenska Dagbladet.

Daniel Davies comments the bombings in a post called "The Leg question" at Crooked Timber:
"Apparently, we are bombing the town of Fallujah. Apparently, we are doing this because the residents refuse to co-operate with our wishes by not "handing over" the notorious terrorist Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi. Apparently, we will continue to bomb them until they do so."
Really weird, but well in line with the low probabilities discounted at Tradesports of finding the high-profile terrorist leader in question. To get 100 given that Zarqawi is captured before year end costs only about 30. Even weirder is the apparent lack of any solid political objective for this military campaign. Remember that U.S. forces invaded Falluja earlier this year, thereby contributing to 100 of its soldiers losing their lives, presumably together with countless others. Regrettably, that military victory was not followed by any political success: the town soon thereafter slipped out of U.S. control. And I don't suppose anyone has seen any new plans for administrating Falluja this time. Or?

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